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Staff Directory

Office - (719) 328-6000
Voice Mail - (719) 328-6099
Attendance - (719) 328-6035
Fax - (719) 260-8816

Tammy Krueger Principal 328-6002
Tasha Jacobs Administrative Assistant 328-6010
Pattie Gonzalez Staff Secretary 328-6011
Robert Beckham Preschool 328-7961
Kathy McNelly Preschool 328-6036
Pohchan Lahmers Educational Assistant  
Katelin Moss Educational Assistant  
Alexis Enriquez Educational Assistant  
Christa Sullivan Educational Assistant  
Mindy Abbott Kindergarten 328-3586
Rachel Raboin Kindergarten 328-3373
Chrystie Augelli Kinder Aide  
Amber Bolinger Kinder Aide  
Mariah Alabduljalil First Grade 328-7855
Maureen Becker First Grade 328-5680
Jennifer Bales

Second Grade

Karli Decker Second Grade 328-6062
Jenn DeVito Third Grade 328-7690
Kayla Spruill Third Grade 328-7442
Tina Dollase Fourth Grade 328-6045
Sean Dillon Fourth Grade 328-5651
Carol Olson Fifth Grade 328-6051
Ron Garcia Fifth Grade 328-6041
Jason Poole Physical Education 328-6025
Heather Cross Art 328-5891
Megan Liske Music 328-5979
Cheryl Witzman Nurse  
Victoria Ramos Health Technician 328-5987
Beth Stebbins ELL 328-4792
Karen Bryant Educational Assistant  
Candice Upham Speech Pathologist (SLP)  
Rachel Caruso Speech Assistant  
Karie Pichler-Nelson Special Education 328-7640
Tiresa Lytle  Special Education 328-6049
Beth Allen Special Education Social Worker 328-6169
Greg Davis School Counselor 328-6016
Sarah Houger Physical Therapist  
Paula Keller Occupational Therapist 520-2511
Grace Herrera Gifted & Talented 328-6048
Ashli Willis Teacher Learning Coach 328-6055
Carol Nuss Tutor  
Anne Donnelly Tutor  
Lori Duffy Tutor  
Terri Snapp Interventionist 328-2855
Tracy Mayberry Library Technology Educator    328-6024
Jared Levis District Support Technician 520-2339
Roberto Ramos Building Manager 328-6033
  Building Technician  
Tammi Paul Kitchen Manager 328-6032
  Asst. Kitchen Manager  
Denise Hironymous Educational Assistant  
Kelsie Marco Educational Assistant  
Odette Stroh Educational Assistant  
Brandon Martinez Educational Assistant  
Brooke Costa Educational Assistant  
Angie Martinez   Before and After School Liaison cell (719)649-6427


All staff members have emails.  In most cases it is there To call staff from a non-district phone, you must add the area code of 719.